A Tribute to Golf Blogger Vince Spence: The One-Eyed Golfer

by Phil Bundy on May 7, 2010

Earlier this week, Vince Spence, a golf blogger affectionately known as the One-Eyed Golfer, died at the age of 61. His last post, dated April 27, speculated with tongue-in-cheek how Tiger Woods sets his playing schedule.

I grew-up outside of Baltimore, Maryland, where Vince lived and wrote his blog. I appreciated his blogging for several reasons, including:

1.) Demonstrating his sense of humor and loyalty to his birthplace, he chose the iconic Mr. Boh mascot of the National Bohemian beer from Baltimore as the logo for his blog and online profiles.

2.) Some of his posts were about his home course, Rolling Road Country Club, where I enjoyed playing as a youth in junior tournaments and high school matches.

3.) He chronicled the golfing Bassler Family, which has included several outstanding professional and amateur players in Maryland.

On Wednesday, Ryan Ballengee of Waggle Room shared the news of Vince’s passing, and over the past few days, a number of people have posted their own eulogies on blogs and social networks. The outpouring of emotion has really struck me. Through Vince’s death, we are reminded that golf bloggers are human beings who share a passion for the game and who personally write and curate posts. After reading the many heartwarming sentiments for his contributions to the online golf community, I, for one, am proud and honored to be part of this group.

Vince’s survivors include his son, Matt Spence who writes another golf blog: Project Under Par

Years ago, the slogan for the National Brewing Company was “From the Land of Pleasant Living” in reference to the Chesapeake Bay. With no doubt, Vince has now moved to an even better place.

Until next time, enjoy golf, America!

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