Social Media Consultant: Aaron Brazell

Aaron Brazell

One morning, I was sitting in a Starbucks, leaned over to a guy with a laptop, and asked, “What do you do?” By the end of the conversation, Aaron Brazell had become my social media guru!

Involved with the Internet since 2000, Aaron is the CEO of Emmense Technologies, LLC and the lead editor of Previously, he served as the business development director at Lijit Networks and the director of technology for b5media, a blog network. With a deep background in technology and web development, he is a well-known and recognized WordPress expert and consultant.

In addition to being a tech guru and a photography enthusiast, Aaron is one helluva nice guy. One day, I also hope to turn him into a golfer!

To learn more about Aaron, to subscribe to his blog, or to contact him about a project, visit

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