KENTWOOL TOUR Redefines Golf Socks

by Phil Bundy on March 16, 2010

As a golfer, I have a complete wardrobe of golf pants, shirts, and sweaters, and I was thrilled when my wife offered to design my very own built-in-closet as a gift, last year. The result is an amazing collection of drawers, shelves, and bars configured in a small closet which she painted blue. In this efficient space, I am able to fit all of my clothes, including a couple of drawers of neatly folded Gold Toe Premier socks.

Recently, I was sent a sample pair of KENTWOOL TOUR socks. Given my affinity for the Gold Toe brand, I was reluctant to even put on the new socks. Since Mark Kent — the company president — is a fellow Wake Forest alum, I did test the new socks, and boy, I am glad that I did!

In the past, I have tried socks that were hyped as sports and golf-specific but really did not deliver. I distinctly remember a pair of jock socks that literally fell apart in the laundry, a couple of years ago. The KENTWOOL TOUR socks are definite keepers, and I may just replace all of my Gold Toe socks.

KENTWOOL is a five generation family business that was originally stated over 165 years ago. The company is headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina and serves a diversified international customer portfolio in the knitting, spinning, weaving and industrial textile markets. Now with KENTWOOL Tour, the business has launched its own brand of golf socks.

I tested the Men’s Tour Profile, which is an ankle sock, in natural color. Made from 65% merino wool, 24% nylon, 8% polyester, and 2% spandex, the socks are also manufactured in Tour Standard — or a crew sock — in natural and black, and are available in sizes for women, too.

Like Under Armour did for performance shirts, KENTWOOL has developed a true performance sock that provides an unexpected edge for serious golfers. In what the company calls an integrated foot technology system, the socks provide absolute superior support and comfort. If you have ever suffered from any problems with your feet and toes or experienced simple foot fatigue like me, you will especially like the feel of the strategic cushioning.

As for washing, which I did this past weekend, the KENTWOOL TOUR socks came out of the laundry looking super fresh.

To try the socks for yourself, you can visit the KENTWOOL TOUR website, where the socks are sold via a unique subscription program with the company shipping installments through a 12-month period.

Good luck to Mark Kent and to KENTWOOL TOUR!

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