My Junior Golfer Is a Baseball All-Star and Enjoys Other Activites, Too

by Phil Bundy on June 17, 2009

Charlie running out a base hit

At the start of my quest, I wrote how my son Charlie and his love for golf have inspired my effort to play on the PGA Tour.

In addition to golf, my wife Donna and I have made a conscious attempt to introduce Charlie to all sports. Already, he has tried baseball, basketball, football, soccer, tennis, biking, swimming, and bowling. He also enjoys music, reading, and art. Instead of forcing him to focus on golf, we want him to choose his favorites sports and activities.

Through my years in golf, I have seen too many junior golfers ultimately hating and quitting the game because of parental pressure. From personal experience, I also know that the skills of other sports translate directly to golf and contribute to a solid swing if he decides to pursue the game.

This spring, Charlie developed a big interest in baseball, and he has quickly immersed himself in all aspects of the national pastime. From playing little league to cheering for his favorite professional baseball players, he is learning the game. This past season, his coach shared incredible enthusiasm and encouraged Charlie to develop fundamental skills as well as good sportsmanship.

Needless to say, I am proud of Charlie’s baseball, and I look forward to continuing to support him in whatever sports and activities that he decides to pursue.

As a child, were you pressured to play a certain sport? Did you see friends who disliked an activity because of pressure from a parent? If you are a parent, how have you introduced your child to sports and activities?

Until next time, enjoy golf, America!

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