Now Lifestreaming My Quest to Play on the PGA Tour!

by Phil Bundy on January 25, 2010

Phil Bundy Lifestreaming

I am excited to announce the addition of lifestreaming capabilities to my blog and social media networking.

Over the past year, I have shared my quest to play on the PGA Tour on my blog as well as through Twitter, Facebook, and other social media networks. To be honest, I have struggled to add blog posts, sometimes wondering if a particular topic was blog-worthy and other times trying to find the time to create a full post. And while I love Twitter and Facebook to quickly interact with lots of people, the content restrictions are often a limitation to communicating a complete thought or idea.

For inspiration, I have closely watched social media experts like Steve Rubel and Frank Gruber as well as Aaron Brazell, who is the founder and editor of and who is a member of my own Dream Team. Somewhat famously, Steve entirely abandoned his Micro Persuasion blog in favor of a lifestream. Frank, who recently left Aol to embark on his own journey into entrepreneurship, has embraced various technologies to deliver dynamic content on his blog and on his more spontaneous lifestream. In November of last year, I was invited to attend WordCamp NYC by Lisa Sabin. On the first day of the event, I attended a breakout session conducted by Erin Blaskie, who provided an excellent step-by-step guide to lifestreaming.

Primarily due to its ease of use, I have selected Posterous as the technology service to deliver my lifestream content. To add a post, I simply send an email to Posterous, which then integrates the post into my blog and various social media networks. The subject line of the email becomes the headline, and the body of the email contains the full post. In my use, I add a tweet-like message for the headline, and when friends on Twitter or Facebook click the hyperlink, they are sent to a post with rich media like a photo, audio, video, and/or a longer message with an active link referencing additional content on the web. Posterous also provides editing, tagging, and analytic capabilities.

For hardware, I am currently utilizing a Blackberry Storm 2 to generate dynamic content. While I have had to find workarounds for some technical formatting, the smartphone is so far up to the task with decent photo, audio, and video. I will continue to look for other devices that may better meet my needs.

I tested the capabilities of both Posterous and the Blackberry Storm 2 on a recent trip to Florida, and I was satisfied with the initial results.

While I no longer have to manually post on multiple social media networks to reach all of my friends, I still check each platform by launching a bookmark folder in Mozilla Firefox on a daily basis. Then, I quickly click across tabs to join in conversations on the individual networks. I also use TweetDeck as well as mobile apps for Facebook and Twitter to stay connected.

You can find my lifestream as well as my other information by subscribing to my blog, joining my Facebook page, friending my Facebook profile, following my Twitter profile, or connecting with me on LinkedIn.

Please share any lifestreaming ideas in the comments. Also, tell me about your favorite smartphone device.

Until next time, enjoy golf America!

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Keiser March 19, 2010 at 12:42 pm

There is a plugin for WordPress called Lifestream ( that will import your Twitter, RSS feeds, Facebook updates, and other social sites onto a page on your website.

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