Phil Bundy Media Interview

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Television and Videocast Appearances

03.13.09 Capital Golf Weekly “Phil Bundy”

Radio and Podcast Appearances

04.04.09 BlogTalkRadio “Phil Bundy”
02.28.09 The Growing Bolder Radio Show “Phil Bundy”
02.25.09 Joel Suggs GOLF… SUCCESS Blog “Phil Bundy Webinar”
02.06.09 Golfgal “Phil Bundy Awakens his Sleeping Dream of Being on the PGA Tour”
01.28.09 Play On Golf “Run for the PGA Tour: Part I and II”

Articles In the News

05.10.09 Rub of the Green “Golf Profiles: Phil Bundy”
04.06.09 Connecting Women “Phil Bundy: What’s in My Bag?”
03.29.09 Travelling Golfer “Meet Phil Bundy – Future PGA Tour Pro”
03.18.09 Real Women Golf “Phil Bundy: Not Afraid to do Heavy Lifting for Tour”
03.16.09 Golf Twitterview “Phil Bundy”
3.08.09 Changing Your Grip “Why Twitter Should Sponsor Phil Bundy on Tour”
03.08.09 ARMCHAIR GOLF BLOG “Phil Bundy Takes Aim at PGA Tour”
03.06.09 Competitive Golf Association “Golfer, Age 43, Pursuing Dream of PGA Tour”
03.04.09 Golf Potato “Betting on Bundy”
02.22.09 Travelling Golfer “Phil Bundy’s Quest To Play On The PGA Tour”
02.17.09 Golf With Thought “Golf, It’s just not Played on the Course. Phil Bundy Manages Life on and off the Course”
02.14.09 The Golf Nut “Great Podcast On Golfer Phil Bundy’s Quest”
02.12.09 Joel Suggs GOLF…SUCCESS Blog “Phil Bundy: His 2009 Golf Quest”
02.09.09 SPORTS WRITER HQ “A New Kind of Pro: How 43-Year-Old Phil Bundy is Connecting With and Inspiring Others Through New Media”
02.07.09 The Golf Nut “Golfer On A Mission”
02.05.09 Joel Suggs GOLF…SUCCESS Blog “Trying To Play The PGA Tour”
02.05.09 Golf Swing Secrets Revealed “Bundy, 43, Stirred by Son to Seek PGA Tour Spot”
02.05.09 Life in the Rough “A Quest to Play on the PGA Tour”
02.04.09 Golf Girl’s Diary “Phil Bundy – Golf is About the People who Play It”
01.31.09 blueprintgolf “Could the PGA Tour Have a New Phil?”
01.19.09 Marketing Caddy “Phil Bundy: A ‘Charlie-Inspired’ PGA Golf Dream”
01.16.09 Beyond Boundaries — Our Passion is Golf (Spanish) “Phil Bundy Living the Dream”
01.11.09 Golf-Swing-Plus “Phil Has A Dream!”
01.10.09 Cocktail Match “Have you met Phil?”
01.08.09 Waggle Room “Let Me Tell You About Phil Bundy”
01.08.09 Mr Business Golf “Phil Bundy- Launches Quest to Play the PGA Tour”
01.08.09 World Golf “Phil Bundy, age 43, begins official quest to play on PGA Tour”
01.07.09 Golf Views “Have you met Phil?”
01.01.09 Shorty Awards “Phil Bundy was nominated for a Shorty Award!”

Mentions In the News

12.28.09 Beyond Boundaries — Our Passion is Golf (Spanish) “From now fight for my biggest dream: Will play on European Tour (innocent 28-D)”
04.21.09 Rankmark “Golf Blog of the Week”
04.09.09 Mr Business Golf “Business Golf Country Club Report”
04.08.09 World Golf “ING Spring Conference Announces Marketing Workshop”
03.13.09 Golf is Hard TV “Inspiration, Incorporated”
03.06.09 PGA Tour Review “Dream Golf”
02.22.09 SPORTS WRITER HQ “Put the ‘IT’ Factor To Use For You And Your Writing”
02.08.09 blueprintgolf “Introducing Golf to Your Child”
02.01.09 Life in the Rough “2009 PGA Merchandise Show Roundup”

Press Releases

02.18.09 Phil Bundy Accepting Sponsorships and Scheduling Appearances to Help Fund Quest to Play on the PGA Tour
01.01.09 Phil Bundy, MBA, Launches Quest To Play On The PGA Tour At Age 43

Press Photos

Profile Photo of Phil
Phil Golfing with his Toddler Charlie
Phil Swinging Golf Club
Phil Looking from Golf Cart
Phil Providing Golf Tip to Junior Golfer
Phil Holding Camcorder

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