Street Photography: Fashion at the 2011 PGA Merchandise Show

by Phil Bundy on January 31, 2011

Drawing inspiration from great street photographers like Scott Schuman of The Satorialist, I decided to take pictures of regular people who dressed in some way that caught my eye as I walked the aisles of exhibits at the 2011 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida. In a few cases, I have included product photos of items.

To some people, golf fashion is an oxymoron, remembering the gaudy plaid pants of the 1980’s and the boring khakis worn by golfers in more recent years. Still, individual golfers’ personalities have stood out for fashion sense in the past. Did you ever see the bright colors of Jimmy Demaret or the classic style of Bobby Jones? Payne Stewart was immediately identifiable for his knickers, and he traveled with large trunks of plus fours, socks, shoes, and hats. Today, apparel manufacturers script outfits for specific athlete endorsers, like Tiger Woods’ familiar Sunday red, and the use of performance fabrics – thanks to Kevin Plank at Under Armour – is a hot trend in sports apparel.

If you are interested, other bloggers offer some regular commentary on golf fashion, and I recommend Heather Jones of Real Women Golf and Patricia Hannigan at Golf Girl’s Diary.

You can view the entire slideshow of “aisle photography” here, beginning with a portrait of the well-konwn golf fashionista Marty Hackel from Golf Digest. And before you leave, please leave a comment below to tell me which photo is your favorite.

Until next time, enjoy golf!

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